a pair of salads!

I was on the ball this afternoon and whipped up two salads for dinner.  I decided to go ahead and post the recipes tonight so you can have a double post :).

Sesame Chicken Couscous Salad (not vegan, obviously)

1 1/2 c. chicken broth

3 tsp soy sauce

2 tsp sesame oil

1 c. uncooked couscous

2 green onions, sliced

1 1/2 c. fresh or frozen sugar snap peas

3/4 c. broccoli

1 1/2 c. cubed cooked chicken

1 red pepper, chopped

3/4 c. diced zucchini

2 tbsp cider vinegar

1 tbsp apple juice

1 tbsp water

2 tsp oil

1/2 tsp ginger

2 tbsp toasted almonds

2 tsp toasted sesame seeds

In a saucepan, combine broth, 1 tsp soy sauce, and 1 tsp sesame oil and bring to a boil.  Stir in couscous.  Cover and remove from heat.  Let stand 5 minutes and add onions.  Refrigerate.  Place pea pods in a steamer basket for 1 minute.  Add broccoli for 2 minutes.  Transfer to a bowl and add chicken, pepper, and zucchini.  For dressing, combine vinegar, apple juice, water, oil, ginger, 2 tsp soy sauce and 1 tsp sesame oil.  Pour over chicken mixture and refrigerate 30 minutes.  Serve over couscous and sprinkle with almonds and sesame seeds.

Notes!  First off, I used the whole amounts of soy sauce and sesame oil in the couscous.  I think it enhanced the flavor a bit, because I tasted that ;).  I did not add the pea pods, because I was concerned about how J would receive those.  I steamed the broccoli in the microwave instead of a steamer basket and it turned out well.  For the chicken, I like to make big batches of chicken when I need “cooked chicken” for a recipe.  So I seasoned about one and a half pounds of chicken tenderloins with a homemade garlic seasoning.  When asked about the recipe, this is what J said:  “The chilled salad is traditionally reserved for summer entrees, but the zucchini featured in the sesame chicken salad and served chilled can make any dark cold winter day in Germany come alive with the vibrance and flair of summer.  Not as good as a bratwurst but just as tasty schnitzel.”  I am not kidding.  He just dictated it to me after I asked how the recipe was.  Sometimes I don’t even understand what he is saying, but he liked it and that is really all that matters.  But I do find it amusing that a bowl of steamed veggies, whole grains, and chicken can be related to a breaded and deep fried piece of pork. 

Sesame Chicken Salad

Greek Lentil Salad (Vegan 😉

1 c. green or brown lentils

1 1/2c. cherry tomatoes, halved

1 c. diced cucumber

1 c. chopped green onion

1/3 c. chopped fresh dill or 2 tsp dried dill

1 clove garlic, peeled

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 c. oil

1/4 c. lemon juice

Cover lentils with water and bring to a simmer.  Cook partially covered 25-30 minutes until tender.  Place garlic on cutting board and mash with salt into a paste.  Whisk with oil and lemon juice.  Toss lentils in dressing and cool to room temperature.  Stir in cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and dill and serve chilled.

Notes!  So it was just as I was typing this recipe out that I realized I forgot the tomatoes.  Oh well.  I like this recipe.  I am not head over heels for it, but it is good.  I think there is too much olive oil for me, but perhaps the tomatoes would have made the difference.  Make sure your garlic is fresh or the paste will be too strong.  Also make sure there is plenty of water in the pot with the lentils.  I think just covering them is not enough.  I would suggest an inch or two of water in with the lentils. 

Brown Lentil Salad


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