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It sort of snowed last night.  Not what I was expecting, because it basically just dusted the car:

First snow

That’s ok.  I’m sure there will be real snow soon and I will be longing again for the Florida sunshine.  Today started out with a bang, when we found out that someone had vandalized our car by knocking off the driver’s side view mirror.  That sort of put out the fire of heading to the Christmas Market in Regensburg.  Hopefully we will be able to do that soon.  It just wasn’t meant to be today.  We got a lot of other errands done though, so it was still a productive day.

I also cooked some delicious treats:

Mexican Polenta

1 tube of polenta cut into 12 slices

2 tbsp oil

1 onion, diced

1 1/2 tsp lime juice

1 1/2 tsp Mexican seasoning

1 clove garlic, minced

1 tsp lime zest

1 can of black beans, rinsed and drained

1 can of diced tomatoes

Preheat broiler.  Place polenta on baking sheet and broil 5 minutes per side.  Heat oil and add onion.  Saute until softened.  Stir in lime juice, seasoning, garlic, and zest.  Cook 4 minutes.  Add beans and tomatoes and simmer 5 minutes.  Place three polenta cakes on each plate and ladel bean mix on top.

Notes!  This is what someone may call “vegan gourmet.”  It was super tasty.  Also if you want a “Mexican seasoning” you can mix together 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1/4 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp paprika, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, and 1/4 tsp salt.  The depth of flavor was really strong and the polenta added a nice change to traditional grains such as rice.  This is a definite keeper!

Mexican Polenta

Beer Bread with Dill and Cheddar (not vegan but adaptable)

3 c. flour

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp baking powder

2 tbsp fresh dill or 2 tsp dry dill

1 c. cheddar

12 oz beer

Heat oven to 375 degrees.  Combine first six ingredients and slowly stir beer into mix.  Spread into a loaf pan.  Bake about 45 minutes.  Cool for 10 minutes, remove from pan and cool 10 minutes longer.

Notes!  I’m pretty sure I got this recipe from Farmgirl Foodie.  It is pretty adaptable though adding different savory herbs to the mix and you could also leave the cheddar out to accomodate a vegan diet.  J really likes this bread and describes it as “dense and crumbly, cheesy bread.”  It never fails when I make this for him

Beer Bread with Cheddar and Dill

Chicken with Artichokes

1/2 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

4 chicken breasts

3 tsp oil

1 onion, thinly sliced

3 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 c. white wine or chicken broth

1/2 c. chicken broth

1 (14 oz) can artichoke hearts, rinsed

Sprinkle salt and pepper over chicken.  Saute chicken in oil until lightly browned.  Remove from pan.  Cook onion and garlic in the same pan until tender.  Stir in wine and broth and bring to a boil.  Add chicken.  Simmer 10 to 15 minutes.  Remove chicken and add artichokes.  Return to a boil and simmer 8-12 minutes.  Serve over chicken.

Notes!  I don’t really have that much to say about this one.  J said this “ok” and had it served over rice, because he loves that grain.  The smell didn’t really impress me, so I may keep this recipe and occasionally make it.


About OneVeganFoodie

Let's see. I am a certified personal trainer (CPT), group exercise instructor, nutritional counselor, and wellness counselor. My training background focuses mainly on getting overweight populations into shape, but I have worked with people wanting to gain strength/healthy weight and agility. I worked with the Army and the Marines for several years before settling into a civilian lifestyle. I'm still adjusting and I really miss it. I also enjoy coaching non-runners through their first running event. I post my workouts on here but remember that you need to seek medical advice prior to starting a new exercise regimine. I also love food. I've been vegetarian for 10 years and 4 of the last years I have been completely vegan. I love food and I love to cook. I follow a strict diet that I do not recommend for everyone, but I really enjoy as it keeps me healthy and helps me to know what is going into my body.
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