bitter cold

Temperatures have been somewhat bearable since we have gotten here, and then today we encountered the wind.  It was incredibly blustery today and the wind whipping across your body really makes it much colder.

Things are progressing nicely!  We have a vehicle, it is legally registered, and we will be moving into a flat this week.  Also, I have my license.  Hopefully, J will get his soon as he is itching to drive.  I have been driving around the area and each day I pass milestones (at least milestones for me).  I have yet to drive on the autobahn, I think that will be something I work up to.  I also think that there are just too many signs; but that is just my opinion.

I had planned to post pictures of our trip to Amberg and Nuremberg, but I had to pack the camera stuff back up.  Next time I promise…

But our trip to Amberg was awesome.  We ate in a steakhouse type restaurant, although I wouldn’t classify it as such.  The owner is French and we were able to communicate quite well in English.  They were able to make me the most delicious plate of vegetables with baked mushrooms I have ever had in my life.  I was more than pleased!  I also tried the wasser for the first time, which is sparkling water.  It was not bad and have since sort of incorporated it into my meals when offered.  Amberg’s town square was preparing for their Christmas markets to start up with little booths and a giant Christmas tree in front of an old church.  We also were able to find a neat tea shop that I am looking forward to visiting.

I also ordered a “limonade” for lunch one day and was surprised to find that it was more like sprite without calories than anything.  Lemon-flavored wasser I guess.

Yesterday, we went to Nuremberg to a Japanese restaurant.  It was really an awesome experience.  They had “running sushi” which meant that you could get a table beside this little conveyor belt and all sorts of small plates full of food would ride by.  I had bean sprout salad, kappa maki rolls, some rolls with Japanese pickle, honeydew melon, and oranges.  We had a mountain of plates but it was really delicious.  For one hour you paid just over 15 Euro per person which is about 23 dollars and for all the food that is available for you to eat, it is a deal.   When I post the pictures I will post the names of the restaurants.

After that our friend took us to one of the stadiums where Hitler had parades and spoke to the people.  It was really eerie particularly without any lights on and the chill in the air.  We walked around the steps and stood on the balcony type area where he would stand and preside over the ceremonies.  They area is enormous and from what I understand was built to show the world the strength and power of the regime.  There is a museum as well, but it was obviously closed.

We are both pretty tired with eating food from American fast food places.  We really don’t have the means to cook and really don’t know enough German to venture out into a restaurant in the town on our own.  I have already made a grocery list though ;).  It is unfortunately two pages! 



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