Vacation in images

Hold on to your hats, because it will be a double-post night. Here are the long promised photos from vacation with somewhat witty captions. Wait, perhaps promising wit is a little too much. Here we go…

Seriously one of the best salad dressings I have ever had. This was the specially made Eiffel Tower Salad with Boston Bibb lettuce wrapped in cucumber surrounded by micro-greens with a champagne vinigrette dressing. This was in the Chateau France restaurant in St. Petersburg FL for our five year anniversary. They were totally accommodating to my veganism so please patronize them if you want delicious French food in a local atmosphere.

Tri-flavor sorbet as a palate cleanser, still at the Chateau.

My entree! We called ahead and asked if they would be able to accommodate me and they said of course! I am always so grateful to restaurants that are willing to go out of their way to meet my dietary restrictions. Basically, it was a sauteed vegetable platter, but the fresh herb flavors were amazing. Sadly, you cannot see the spaghetti squash that is behind the pile of vegetables, but that was the most amazing spaghetti squash ever and I couldn’t ever place what flavors they used.

Let’s start with dessert because that is always awesome. You are looking at the greatest sorbet I have ever had. Fin. Mountain top of sorbets. Ignore the little bit of maroon on the top that is some leftover raspberry sorbet from my spouse. The remainder is chocolate mint sorbet…egg and dairy free! Yum. This was at Rezaz in the Biltmore Village of NC.

Non-vegan proschutto flatbread for spouse. He said it was really delicious. Still at Rezaz.

My entree! Oh so delicious! They had the option to “create your own antipasto” and that was my choice. I settled on grilled asparagus, pomegranate cashew spread (the orange spread), marinated mushrooms, and two types of olives. Look at the size of those green olives! Included was grilled bread drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Still at Rezaz.

This is one of the display cases at Rezaz where they make all of their sorbet and desserts.

Some non-food imagery to break up the food monotony and allow for a snack break. Off-kilter view of the Biltmore House in NC.

J’s burger at the Red Onion Cafe in Boone NC. Non-vegan obviously.

This was also an amazing entree. It was a spinach and rice wrap, that had several marinated and sauteed veggies inside. I didn’t have any of the chips due to the next picture…

Oh yes, that is homemade hummus that came with bread, carrots and celery. The first time I have ever had hummus at a restaurant that had veggies as a dipping option. The carrots were sadly desimated.

Onto the first night of vacation and Zuzda in Banner Elk NC. They are a progressive tapas restaurant which basically means they only serve tapas and you keep your menu. Once you finish one dish you order something else. So you don’t order all at once, which works well in terms of gauging your level of fullness. Anyway, this is J’s olive tapenade which I didn’t have any of because it came covered in cheese. He said it was delicious.

My hummus with a roasted red pepper colis. Very good although there was definitely something missing from the hummus and I think it was garlic.

My grilled vegetable salad.

J very eloquently displaying his mozzarella and tomato salad.

My delicious gazpacho, which was really cucumber-y but I enjoyed that flavor.

Organic Flora Springs merlot…very good and smooth.

Part of the 150 item menu. I would really recommend this place, as it was good and the portions are small so you won’t get stuffed unless you really wanted to.

And that ends the slide show portion of this journey. Don’t think those were the only times we ate out. Unfortunately, either they weren’t picture worthy or I completely forgot the camera. It was really an awesome time and goes to show that you can find great food in smaller towns!


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Let's see. I am a certified personal trainer (CPT), group exercise instructor, nutritional counselor, and wellness counselor. My training background focuses mainly on getting overweight populations into shape, but I have worked with people wanting to gain strength/healthy weight and agility. I worked with the Army and the Marines for several years before settling into a civilian lifestyle. I'm still adjusting and I really miss it. I also enjoy coaching non-runners through their first running event. I post my workouts on here but remember that you need to seek medical advice prior to starting a new exercise regimine. I also love food. I've been vegetarian for 10 years and 4 of the last years I have been completely vegan. I love food and I love to cook. I follow a strict diet that I do not recommend for everyone, but I really enjoy as it keeps me healthy and helps me to know what is going into my body.
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