It was really nice to get back to the gym this morning. Now I know I needed it because I am super tired and was ravenous at dinner. I started out with a run. I think that I could have gone 6 miles this morning. I was feeling that good. It usually happens when I take some extra time off. I only went 4.5 miles, but it was good. Then a leg workout:

3 sets of 15 reps – leg press 100lbs
3 sets of 20 reps – weighted calf presses on the leg press 100 lbs
3 sets of 15 reps – thigh adductor 70lbs
3 sets of 15 reps – hamstring curls on stability ball
3 sets of 20 reps – squats
3 sets of 20 reps – stationery lunges
3 sets of 20 reps – sumo squats

Then on to swimming 700 meters. I got out of the pool with the intention of laying out for 2 hours. At about the 1 hour mark, I noticed that the sun was gone and it was getting gray. Just as I had everything packed up the clouds opened and it poured. I got home and showered while my obese purse dog lounged on my bed.

Exhibit a:

Then I had lunch:

AB&J on Ezekiel bread, carrots with leftover hummus, and watermelon.

I made an appointment to get my pedicure at 2:30. When I reached the salon, I told them I was there for my appointment and they told me it was not until 3:30. Not true. I decided to wait there and read some magazines. My nail tech did a really good job, but she didn’t talk. It was super awkward. She also asked me if I wanted a design. Really?

I did find out that they have super cheap spray tans that are done by a technician. Don’t judge, I just think that my skin looks way better when it is a bit darker :). Its one of my vices.

I got back home and spent some time snuggling with Heinz until he got too restless. I came upstairs to get some final packing done and clean the room. Somehow I got sucked into the bed and a 30 minute nap. I woke up and was so hungry. I had more AB&J toast, the last of the hummus leftovers, some cashews, banana, watermelon, and peach sorbet! I am still hungry now, but I’m going to let that settle before something else is dropped into my stomach.

I am now going to seriously work on packing and cleaning more. Did I mention my legs are killing me?


About OneVeganFoodie

Let's see. I am a certified personal trainer (CPT), group exercise instructor, nutritional counselor, and wellness counselor. My training background focuses mainly on getting overweight populations into shape, but I have worked with people wanting to gain strength/healthy weight and agility. I worked with the Army and the Marines for several years before settling into a civilian lifestyle. I'm still adjusting and I really miss it. I also enjoy coaching non-runners through their first running event. I post my workouts on here but remember that you need to seek medical advice prior to starting a new exercise regimine. I also love food. I've been vegetarian for 10 years and 4 of the last years I have been completely vegan. I love food and I love to cook. I follow a strict diet that I do not recommend for everyone, but I really enjoy as it keeps me healthy and helps me to know what is going into my body.
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2 Responses to warm

  1. Laura says:

    I am totally incorporating "obese purse dog" into my vocabulary.

  2. I'm No Heroine says:

    You should. Its really the only thing that fits him. I think I should write a book on the lifestyle of the obese purse dogs.

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